Friday, January 30, 2009

Iced Honey Bun

Alright, this is going to be more of an "I can't believe this" post...but really I can't believe this.

I was at work and picked up this big Iced Honey Bun. It looked really good and I knew that I shouldn't eat it. Well, I put it aside and said I will eat this tomorrow.

I went and looked at the Nutrition eyes just about popped out of my head when I read the calorie content. I don't even want to tell you (especially because now I don't want to eat it) was.....958 calories. You read that right 958. And that is just the calories..nothing else. Alright, well, it had 102 grams of Carbs. I don't think that I need to eat this anymore. I think that it will sit in the cupboard for a long time. Or maybe I will make it last for 2-weeks and eat one bite every day. But I could not eat that in one day. NO WAY!!!

And yes, I will update with a picture later tonight or sometime this weekend so that you can see the proof of the chart.

Alright, I guess I am done ranting about this. But I just couldn't believe it.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tonight was my night of taking pictures and listing items on Craigslist. I am hoping to sell a lot before I have a garage sale in June. I just hate having to hold onto it for that long. And the items are way to nice to just take to goodwill. So we will see what happens.

Some of the things that I have listed are baby boy items, birthday items, a men's suit, some junior's clothes and I think that I am going to list a couple of throw pillows. But I am not sure.

I do know that I will be taking a trip to goodwill sometime this week. I have two boxes of VHS tapes that no one wants. I will keep a few and see if I can sell them. I would hate to see them just get pitched. But who knows??

So if you are looking for anything just let me know..I may just have what you are looking for!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am in need of Newspapers!!


I am looking for Newspapers from this week so that I can have them for this historic presidential inauguration.

Not only do I want them for my son, I am going into teaching and would love to have them for my classroom when I have a teaching job.

Any and all would be appreciated.

I am mainly looking for Wednesday from everywhere and Monday thru wednesday in Kalamazoo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Today is a day that a lot of us have been waiting for. We have been waiting for 8 years for this!!

I don't know where you have been today, but I have been watching the Inauguration...a piece of history. And I have recorded it for my son. For the day that we can say, this happened when you were 2 years old. I have also been keeping the newspapers leading up to this. As this is big...really big.

So I am happy to say that I can't wait to see what this next year brings us.


Monday, January 19, 2009

What must get done this week..

Alright, so this week my husband had to go to work. He is somewhere in Wisconson..and working on some machine.

So while I am here in Michigan I am going to do some work of my own. I MUST get our bedroom cleaned. This is something that has needed to be done for a really long time and now is the time. I just need to figure out when I am going to get it all done. I would love to have it done before my hubby comes home, but I doubt that will happen.

I am going to be taking a lot of stuff to goodwill and trying to organize the stuff that I have for a June garage sale. Yes, I have stuff for a garage sale already. I am crazy, but I love to make a little bit of extra money.

I am sure that I will be posting a lot of new things on Craigslist as i have had some success with that in the past. I just need to get a lot of "stuff" out. And I want my hubby to be able to see that I have done it. And I want him to be proud of me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Donny's Favorite Things

I thought that I would do a post of things that Donny really likes right now. That way I have it and I will always remember it. I wish that I would have done this a long time ago and just kept updating it. But, I didn't, so I will just start it now.

Here we go:

1. Handy Manny Tool Kit.... He loves being able to help out wherever he can. Especially if it involves needing to use his tools. I would have to say his favorite tool is Pat the Hammer.

2. Handy Manny TV show. That is all that we watch on tv anymore. I must admit, it is a really good show and I love the fact that Donny is learning new things from it. I just wish that we could get some new shows out pretty soon!!!

3. Ford Mustangs...doesn't matter new or old...he loves them. He loves his "Knight Rider" goes fast and it can fly!!

4. Max the Dog from the Grinch who Stole Christmas. We bought this stuffed animal in Dec of 2006...we still have him and he still loves him. The only problem is that we only have one of them and I don't know what we are going to do if we lose him. That is going to be a very sad day.

5. Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks...oh my goodness...these are the best thing ever!! He loves them, but he only gets them on occasion!! But I do love when they are on sale!!

6. Books...he loves to read with his mommy and I love to read to him. He got a lot of books for Christmas and he loves them all!! Here are just a few that he likes a lot:

So, what I will do is in a couple of months I will do another list. That way I know what is his top toy all the time. And I can then print it off and have it for a scrapbook.

Where was blogger when I was pregnant and when I had a newborn? I would have loved to have done this for 2 years now. Oh well..what can I say..


Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I have wanted to read this book, so I broke down and used my gift card at Barnes and Noble and bought it. I am really excited about reading this book.

I will go ahead and give you a review every so often and let you know what I think of the book. I am just hoping that I get into the book and can't put it down. I love books like that.

Another book that I bought tonight was by Nicholas Sparks:

I love reading a good Nicholas Sparks book also. So when I am done with Twilight, I will go to this. Then I will have to go back to the store and buy New Moon. That is the second in the Twilight series.

I love Barnes and Noble...but I love to read.
So if anyone has any good book suggestions for me..please let me know!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Video (or a few)

This is for Father's Day 2007

Don and Sara:

Donny from June to August 2006:

Looking back

Ok, so as I sit here not feeling well and with not a whole lot to do, I thought that I would put some videos up of Donny when he was 'little". I would make these and then want to put them on DVD...well, I haven't done that yet. I am just happy that I can still view them.

You will want to turn the volume off on the playlist and listen to the videos.

This first one is from may 24, 2006 to June of 2006.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Potty Chair

Wow...My little boy is growing up. How is that possible. He was just born yesterday, right? How is it that he is two and a half?

So we have been talking to him about going on the potty and telling him that he gets to wear big boy underware if he goes on the potty..well he got really excited about it. So we will see what happens.

He even got some new Handy Manny big boy pants!!! He already has some Thomas and Cars.

So I will keep you all updated on the potty training progress.

Please keep us in your thoughts

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year...New Me

Alright, so I have decided that I am going to exercise more this year. I did really well last summer with it, but I didn't stick to it. And now I am going too. With Florida just around the corner, I am going to get rid of this baby belly that I have left over and get to feeling better about myself also.

So as of right now, I walked one mile on Friday the 2nd and I used my exercise ball on Saturday the 3rd.

So that means that tomorrow I will be walking. I am going to try to do the exercise ball at least 2 to 3 times a week...and then walk every day.

My goal in to lose at least 15 lbs, that might change when I weigh myself in the morning. We will see.

So I will keep you all updated as to how this is going for me. If there is anyone that would like to join me, please let me know. I would love to have other people there to encourage me and push me along!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Review


Where did 2008 go?? It by way too fast.
Many things happened this year to our family, some good...some not so good.

January was a good month. My husband got a new this brought our family new opportunities. He was going to be traveling more, but we were ok with that.

February was a month that nothing good or bad happened. Don kept having to go to a customer up in Shelby, Mi and it was really cold. I was still working at the pet store and there was talk of me possibly quiting by summer to stay home with our son.

March...started out as a good month...ended as a not so good month. Don was still traveling and I was working full time. At this point I was beginning to train at work for a Management position. I was so excited for this. One Tuesday morning while I was bowling, I got a phone call saying that our store would be closing down in 10 days. I was devastated. I couldn't believe it. So as of March 28 SuperPetz was closed.

April...for the two weeks I was at work packing and emptying the store. It was so weird to be doing. After that, I did some job searching to come up with nothing. Don and I had decided that I could wait until fall to get a job and be a SAHM for the summer. What an awesome, awesome thing to do. Don was still traveling and there are now talks of him going to Spain. Crazy

May..A great month. Our son turned 2 this year. Where has the time gone?? He had a great Thomas the Train party and he got a big Thomas the Train cool is that. We also started our drag racing season back up. I am so happy that I was able to go to all of the races this month!!

June...Family vacation time. We went to Columbus, Ohio and to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for a week. We had a great week and Donny is such a good little traveler. He loves to go to hotels and he loves the pool!!! I am enjoying being a SAHM and I love being able to do whatever I want during the day!!

July...A tough month. Don was in Spain all month. With it being a six hour time difference (him being ahead of us) it was tough to know when we were going to talk to each other. We did have our web cams and that was good. We talked every day around 1pm (7pm Spain time)...I also ended up not falling asleep until about 2am...knowing that he was going to be online before he went to work..(between 6am and 8am) But we had a good month of going to the beach walking and being with friends.

August...Don came home and was home for a week before he had to go anywhere again. It was nice. Donny and I again had a great month going outside and playing. I must admit that we both got a pretty nice tan this year...thinking that we must try and keep it up and do that again next year!!! We had our racing this month too. Don did really well and we were sitting in the 5th or 6th spot by the end of the month. We only needed two really good races and we could be in 4th spot and able to go to finals!!!

September...Labor Day weekend we went to Grand Rapids and had a blast. We went to the zoo and tried to go to the beach. But we didn't want to park six miles away and have to walk. So we waited on that. We had a couple of races left and guess what?? DON MADE IT TO THE FINALS!!!! These were set for the last weekend in September and man was that a long weekend. Thursday thru Sunday. We didn't know how he was going to do seeing that he was going up with a car that he had never raced...his Mustang that he built the motor for...but hey go for it right?? We had a blast, spent all day up there and watched a lot of racing and did a lot of screaming!

And all of the screaming was worth it. My hubby finished 3rd!!!!! And truthfully, he finished 1st in the street class for Martin because he was the only street car left from our track!!!!

Way to go Don!!

September also brought me a new job. I am now a teachers assistant at our church's daycare. I am sooo happy to be back with children. I think that that is what I am supposed to be doing no matter what. And I love it.

October...Fall...It is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Oh but wait a minute. Did I just hear that we are supposed to have 70 degree weather the second weekend of the month!?!?! That is so unbelieveable, but we will take it. And guess what we did, we went to the beach!!! Yes, we took Donny to see Lake Michigan for the first time. And he loved it. He loved sitting in the sand and playing with it. He loved seeing all of the big boats. And I loved being a family and having fun.
I am still at the day care part time and Don is still traveling, but everything is working out really well. We are getting our weekends together and that is awesome.

Halloween came along and Donny was our little bumble bee. I got the costume off of Craigslist and I was so happy that I did. It was free and it looks brand new!!! When we went Trick or Treating on Halloween, it was about 60 degrees out, it was awesome!!!

November...A time to be thankful. We are very thankful that we both have a job and that we have a family that is so willing to help us out when we need it. We are also thankful that we got to go to Chicago for Thanksgiving. That was such a nice little trip away for us and it was a nice time with family.

It was also my birthday...I turned 25 this year. Wow...25..that is half way to 50...AGHHHHHHH....LOL...No, I had a great birthday, even if my husband wasn't home. He did send me flowers though and that was the best present.

December...Already?? Where did the year go. It is now time to think about Christmas and all of the gifts that need to be bought and wrapped. And a time to be with family and celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season...the birth of Jesus.
It is also a very hard time of year for me also. December 8th marked that 9 year anniversary of my Daddy passing away. I cannot believe that it has been 9 years. Where has the time gone? And I still miss him like crazy, actually I miss him more and more every day. I am always thinking about how much he would have loved his little Grandson. And I know that he is watching over all of us every single day of the year....I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!

And my year ended on a sad note for me. On Christmas Eve I found out that my kitty that I have had since I was 1o had passed away. I loved that cat so much. That was my Rufis. I will always have the memories though and I will never forget them. He was my cat and I don't think that any other cat can replace him. There will be a new cat at my mom's house someday which is a good thing, but it won't be Rufis. We will miss you Rufis and all of the silly things that you did.

I tried not to let anything ruin Christmas though. And everything turned out great. We all got what we wanted and then some. Donny loved everything and I must admit, Santa is one awesome guy. He knows my son way to well...Thanks Santa!!
But on a better note, we did go to an awesome party on New Year's Eve. We went to my Sister-in-laws house for a party. It was small, but that was ok. It was fun to get out. Thanks for a great time everyone!!
So here it is New Year's Day....And here is to hoping that this year is awesome and filled with many memories.

Happy New Year!!!