Sunday, January 10, 2016

I am back!!!

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do! I cannot believe that it has really been this long since I have written on here. A lot has happened since I last posted. I guess that could be why I haven't posted. I have been busy.

I am still working full time and so is Donny. We are both on first shift and loving it. We can be a family in the evening and have the full weekend as a family.

In January of 2013 we bought our first house! It is still a work in progress but we are getting there. I still have things that are in boxes, but I also have been getting rid of a lot of stuff!!! That is a good feeling. We have an acre of land and love it. We have been able to take full advantage of that as well!

In September of 2013 we found out that we were expecting. What a shock to all of us, but we were happy with it. Little Donny was really excited that he was going to get to be a big brother. And he couldn't wait to find out what we were having. We found out in December of 2013 that we were having a little girl. He was super happy about that! As were we. It was time to start buying lots of pink things!!! Our little girl was due May 5th, 2014. And her name would be Makayla Lynn. I continued to work thru my whole pregnancy. I actually worked on her due date. Just for a couple of hours in the morning, but I still worked. I woke up at 3am on May 6th to contractions, I was in labor. We took Donny to his grandparents house and we headed up to the hospital. We were admitted at 7:30am, Miss Makayla Lynn entered the world at 3:08pm. And she was very alert. And we all fell in love. Her big brother did not want to let go of her. He was in love and we all could see it. So we are now a family of 4 and we wouldn't change it for the world. Sometimes it does sound weird to say I have 2 kids, but for 8years it was just our little man.

I will finish off this post by saying, I cannot wait to update you all on other things. I have some awesome pictures that we took on vacation last year and they are updated pics of the kiddos. SO please keep your eyes open, as I will be writing another post within the next couple of days. And I promise, I won't go another three years without a post. That is way too long!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Some fall pics of Donny

Here are some of the pictures that I took of Donny this past fall. I am so happy that we have this awesome Vicksburg Village right around the corner from us and I can get some great pictures there! And it doesn't help that I love taking pictures of this adorable little boy of mine!!! He is such a ham!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How is it already May???

Wow! It is already May, where has this year gone? Didn't Donny just start kdg in the fall? Didn't we just make a Christmas wishlist? And here we are making a birthday wishlist and thinking about vacations for the summer. We will be watching Donny graduate from kindergartin in a month. How is it possible that I am going to have a 6 year old and an almost 1st grader?? Not right, they grow up way too fast!! But I am going to have a blast with him this summer!! We are going to get a zoo pass this year! I cannot wait, it is going to be awesome!! Donny and I are going to have so much fun! So as we talk about May, we start drag racing this weekend!! Cannot wait for it! It has been a long 6 months without it. :-) the car is ready to go (hopefully) and we areready to cheer Don on!! Another new thing is that we have started to look for a house. Not really for sure on when anything is going to happen with that, but we have seen some. We have walked thru two houses ( this past fall ), and we are now looking on the internet at other houses. Not many out there that meet our requirements, but the right house will show up soon. And when it does, I will have to write about it and I will include pictures!! As I lay here and write this there is a storm moving thru. I have Donny laying next to me falling asleep and I am just listening to the thunder. And hoping that I will get a good night sleep. I am sure I will as I am tired, but if we have some big storms I may not sleep well. Hoping to sleep thru them!! Alright, well I better get to bed myself... Could be a long night. Maybe I will try and get some pictures up tomorrow. That would be great!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Year

Wow!!! I am not doing too well with writing on here am I?!?!

I don't think that I will post a ton of pics from last April to now, If I do I won't write a lot about them. Things are going good and Donny started kindergarten in Septemeber....He loves it. I am working mornings so that I can be with him in the afternoons and I love it!!!! Never thought that I would be getting up at 5:30am to go to work, but hey I get to be with my boy!!!!

Hubby is working third shift still. But it works out perfectly, he can take Donny to school in the morning and then I get him after I get out of work. We have been doing a lot of things as a family again too!!! It is hard when he works third shift, especially on the weekends. But we make it work.

We are still huge into drag racing. We are even starting to travel to some races!!!! We went to a huge Mustang race in July, and Donny got 2nd place in his bracket!!!! It was awesome and he was featured in a national known magazine for the NMRA!!!! We of course had to get a few copies of it!!!!

We hope that the new year finds you well and I will hopefully post more soon!!! I will even be including some items on here to do with me learning to cook!!! With some great receipes!!!

Happy New Year!!