Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!!

Well, we had a very nice Christmas....everything went very well. Donny got a lot of nice things and I must admit....Santa did a very good job on the presents that he got him. I got an exercise ball..I am sooo excited about that. I am going to start using that and hopefully get rid of this belly that I have. I would love to be back to my pre baby weight and I am going to do it!!! At least this time around. LOL... I also got some scrapbooking items. That just means that I need to get my butt in gear and get back to scrapbooking. I am a little behind, I haven't gotten past when Donny was 5 months old and he is now 2 and a half. That is a lot of pictures that need to be done.

So here are some pictures from Christmas morning:

Here is the tree after Santa had come. That is a lot of gifts, but that is also two families with gifts under that that could explain something.

Here is Donny opening his first present on Christmas morning. He just couldn't wait. He wanted to get at all of them as fast as he could. I really didn't have to help him at all unwrap any of his gifts, he acts like he has done this a time or two before....

So very excited over the wooden Thomas the Train set that we got him!!!!

Donny's second gift was a very large Mustang Shelby GT 500KR...that would be the exact car from the tv show Knight Rider...what an AWESOME Mustang!!!
As you can tell, he loved it!

My boy just being cute for me, plus he was excited about his new car!

Donny decided that he needed to put a show on for us and he took this gift bag and wrapped himself...then he proceded to sit down and then throw it off and yell peek a boo!!! It was adorable!!!!

Well, one gift that Donny asked Santa for was an orange bowling ball...well, guess what Santa has pulled thru again and Donny got an orange bowling ball. He also asked for the Handy Manny bowling set and he got that from Aunt Stacy. I didn't have the camera on him when he opened that, but it was priceless. He was jumping up and down because he got it!!!!

And the last thing that Santa brought was a lego Thomas kit. Donny loves it. And it is sooo easy to put away and be able to get it back out when he wants to play with it again.

We also got Don this..he just couldn't tell us anything that he wanted for Christmas so when Donny and I were out shopping one night we found a faceplate for his Guitar Hero guitar. It was a great deal and I just couldn't pass it up. I am glad that I bought it, he did tell me that he thought I would buy it, bit that he had no idea that it was under the tree!!! I did something that he didn't know about..that is the best present right there. But he did like it!!!

So, yes, I would have to say that this Christmas was a good one. Another neat thing that Donny got was a crayon box. Well, this was no normal crayon box, this was the crayon box that I had as a child. My mom took and repainted it and put Thomas all over it and Donny name. She also wrote a cute little poem up and put it on the bottom so that someday down that road Donny will know where his coloring box came from. It is awesome to see him with things that were mine. I love that!!

I hope that your Christmas was great too. And I hope that you enjoy everything that you got!!

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve Already....where has the time gone? Crazy how time flies when you are having fun.

Tonight was our annual Bronson Park visit. A tradition that was started when I was a little kid and something that we are going to continue as a family. I love it. And this year was great because Donny loved the lights. So we were getting ready to leave and we had to take some pictures before we left. And of course we never got an open-eyed smile from Donny.

So who do you think that Donny looks like more? His Mommy or his Daddy? You be the judge....

I have always heard that he is my little twin and man do I believe it.

So we were on our way and oh man was it cold. Michigan weather is just crazy and today was one of those crazy days.
Rain one minute and then snow the next...with a lot of wind.

We finally made it down there and it is still just as pretty as I remember it. The only thing that is different is that you can't get right up next to the nativity. Way to many problems with it. But we did see it and we wished Baby Jesus a Happy Birthday!! One funny thing is that someone has put a pink hat on the angel above Jesus and Baby Jesus has two blankets on it. So someone went in and did that. We tried to get a picture of Donny by the nativity, but because it was so windy, he wouldn't look at the camera. So, maybe next year we will get that picture.

Out next stop was candy cane lane. And if it weren't for the ice on the sidewalk I think Donny would have walked down it. But with his first step, he was down. Luckily he had a lot of padding and I don't think that it really bothered him.

Out of all the pictures that we took by the candy canes, this was my favorite!! I love that we are looking at each other and laughing. It is an awesome picture. I must thank my wonderful hubby for it!! I am just glad that we got down there. This was such a special tradition to me as a child, that I want my son to know and hopefully continue the tradition someday. We have since added getting chinese food to the tradition. Seeing that that is all that is open by the time that we are on our way home. Also, Donny told us that he saw Santa fly by. I didn't even see him last night, so that is pretty good. We did tell him that he is fast and you have to watch carefully for him. I am so proud of this little boy. He amazes me more and more every day! We had some of Donny's lunch leftover from earlier and that is what he ate for his dinner.

Another tradition that we have continued on with our son, is that he gets a pair of pj's every Christmas Eve. I always got pj's and I loved being able to open that one gift before Christmas. This year he got a red pair of footed jammies from The Children's Place that had snowglobes all over it. He loved being able to open it. Then of course we had to put them on. And at first I thought that they were going to be too big, but they actually fit perfectly. And they are a size little boy is getting way too big!! They are super soft and he looks adoreable in them.

Even if he does have a crazy look on his face, he is still adorable!!!

So we had a great Christmas Eve and we are hoping for an even better Christmas. We know that we have been really good this year, so Santa should be bringing plenty of good toys for us to play with. Who knows, maybe he will even bring us something that needs to be built or needs batteries. That is always the case, but guess what...we stocked up on batteries this year, so we shouldn't have any problems with that.

So we hope that you all have a great holiday and a very Merry Christmas...we hope that you get everything that you wanted and maybe even a few surprises.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sad day

Today is a sad kitty passed away. Rufis P. Jones was almost 17 years old. He was my kitty and I loved him...

I found this poem and I believe that it is true...

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author Unknown

Monday, December 22, 2008

6 Years

Wow, I cannot believe that it has been six years since we got married. Were did the time go??? It was 6 years ago yesterday that Donny and I got married....and we were off to Chicago. That is where we took our honeymoon.

And here we are...we have a beautiful family and we couldn't ask for more.

We are happier than ever and we are more in love than ever.

Sorry that this is so short...will write more tomorrow...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a great find!!!

I just found this awesome giveaway that is great for all you moms with kids. If your kids are anything like my son, a new movie is never out of the question....

At this site you can enter to win a DVD awesome is that???

So please go check it out and good luck to all of you!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Wow...whoever thought that I would actually have a day to do NOTHING???

We didn't go and do anything today....Not exactly what I had planned on, but that is ok too. I need a day to do nothing. I do have bowling tonight, but that is something for me...and I enjoy that.

Now tomorrow on the other hand is going to be crazy. I have church and then I have to meet a friend to close out my jelwery party that I am having and then back to church. No rest for me tomorrow....

Well, my hubby had to go to Kentucky Thursday night. He will be home tomorrow night at like 9:30pm, but then has to leave Monday afternoon to go to Minnesota. But he will be home the weeks of Christmas and New Years. So I am thankful for that.

This is short for to work on Christmas cards. Need to get those out ASAP!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Crazy Michigan Weather!!

"So this is what you were telling me mom!!! I love the snow!!"
Well, on Saturday we got a lot of snow. We had a Winter Storm Warning all day long and man did it snow.
I went to the craft show at Wings Stadium and it was snowy and cold when we went in. But it was really snowy and cold when we came out.
I was lucky enough to get Donny's snowpants about a week and a half ago...was I lucky or what. Now he loves to go outside and walk in the snow!! He even has Spiderman boots that light up. He picked those out himself. :-)
This was when we were leaving to go out for the evening. Donny wanted to walk in the snow so I let him and of course I had to take a picture of it. :-)
Later that evening we went to Meijers. We had to do a little Christmas shopping and plus we needed to get something for dinner. It was quite fun doing our shopping. I kept ditching my cart somewhere and my son kept wondering where it was. I finally got everything that I needed and went and checked out. I had to take all of the Christmas presents that I just bought to the truck. It was not snowing that bad so I thought that we were fine to go and get some dinner afterwards. I headed back inside, because we had to get milk and a few other groceries. We checked out and headed for the truck...OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was snowing soooo was crazy. I mean it was blowing and snowing and everything. We started to leave and it was white out conditions.
I took this picture of Donny as we were headed out to the truck. He was loving it. It was snowing on him. it was snowing so hard that I bet there was already an inch or so of snow on the truck. And I was just outside maybe 15 minutes before this.
It snowed like this for about two hours, if not a little longer. But it was very pretty. We love the snow. We can't wait to get out and play in it.
After we got home I decided that I would take some pictures of the snow.
So here is my husbands car buried in the snow. It has been sitting there now for about two weeks. And I am sure that it is going to be sitting there for a few more. I do know how to drive it (yes, I learned how to drive a stick shift vehicle) but, I am just not comfortable driving it in the winter. I hate driving it in the rain...I can just imagine that I would really hate driving it in the snow. So, it might just have to wait til Spring!!! I have the Tahoe to drive and I love it. I never thought that I could like such a big truck, but I do. Also, I may even be racing this little red car next year at Martin, so be prepared...I may just kick your butt!!
I have always liked taking pictures showing how deep the snow is. Well, my husband decided that he was going to help in the driveway by driving back and forth and packing the snow down. Well, he got everything, but he did leave a spot and I was able to show everyone how deep the snow was. I would say that by Saturday evening we had a good 10-12 inches of snow on the ground. And it all came sooo fast.
I love winter...It is very pretty. I just don't like driving on the icy roads.

So, we got up and went to church on Sunday and everything was covered in snow. It was beautiful. But the forecast was that it was going to start getting warmer and there was a chance of freezing rain. Another part of winter that I don't like.
On Sunday, we were able to go the whole day with no advisories, watches or warnings. But when I woke up Monday morning, we had a Freezing rain advisory. Just what I needed on a busy day. I had school, jazzercise, a drs appointment and our Christmas dinner for work last night. The whole day was going good and it started to snow around 3pm. Then it stopped. By last night when I had to go into Portage, it was already up to 32 degrees. And the roads were wet and it was starting to rain. :-( There goes all of our snow. Now here it is Tuesday, and it has been raining for most of the day. Not exactly what I wanted to see in December, but what can you do. We live in Michigan. And one day it could be 80 degrees and the next it could be snowing and 10 degrees.
So now we sit and wait. Wait to see when it will snow again. I don't think that it will be today. But when it does come, I can tell you that we are going to be going outside and playing in it. Donny can't wait. And to tell you the truth, neither can I.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Night

Where did this week go? This week just flew by. Even though I really felt like I was a day behind.

I have been sick all week and I think that today and yesterday were my two worst days with it. I really don't like cold season. Especially when your cold turns into a sinus infection. I was in sooo much pain today and finally my headache is gone. That was at like 6:30 tonight. That is crazy it took all day to go away. Now I just hope that it doesn't come back.

Well, tonight I am babysitting and it is so much fun. I not only have Sam...but I have his three cousins too. Taylor, Morgan and Lauren.

We had Hungry Howies pizza for dinner and we had cookies for dessert. We then played Wii Sports. That was a lot of fun. I bowled with them...twice..the first game I had a 148 and then I figured it out and got a 173. I think that I bowl better in real life to tell you the truth. :-)

Now we are relaxing and watching Liar Liar. What a Jim Carry classic. I forgot how funny it was.

I am hoping that the snow holds off until tomorrow because I really don't want to drive home in it tonight. That is never fun. But yes, we do have a Winter Storm Warning until noon or something on SUNDAY. Snow, snow, snow. I love it and all...but I hate the cold. Today when I got out of work it was 17 degrees. And the windchill is 1 degree. I don't like that.

Alright, I am off to finish watching Liar, Liar.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Thanksgiving weekend

Well, we took a little vacation to Chicago to be with our family. It was great. We left Thursday morning and we were to Uncle Bill and Aunt Judy's house by 12:30 (1:30pm our time). The Detroit Lions were already on the tv...we did sit and watch them lose yet another game. How pathetic. But anyways, we were there and ready to relax and be with family.

We were kinda worried about Donny because he had thrown up two times on the way down there. We think now that it was just car sickness..or at least we are hoping that that is all it was. We did buy him a new portable DVD player and he was watching that and he was right next to the window..which is new to him. SO..we will see what happens on the next trip.

But we did get there and have a great time...Donny got to play with all of his cousins and he even found that Aunt Judy had vroom-vrooms. He was sooo happy. I think that the best on would be the shopping cart. That was just cool. :-) But other than that one..Donny liked them all. He likes whatever cars he can find to play with. He even had an old VHS tape rewinder that was a car that he played with. He liked that he knew how to open it up.

In this picture is my hubby playing cars with a few of the kids. Our son, our nephew Matthew, our niece Emily, and cousin Zayden.

This is what a foot stool is good for..a parking lot!!!

As for our was great. And oh man was there a lot of food. Turkey, ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy and I don't even know what else. For dessert we had like 6 or 8 pies to choose from. It was all sooo good. Donny did ok, but we knew that he was getting tired, as he didn't sleep a lot on the way down. So we ended up leaving around 7pm to go to the hotel. Donny was very happy. He LOVES going to hotels.

Here is Donny at the hotel ready to play cars on the big bed. So that is what we did. We thought that he would be going to sleep early, but he didn't end up falling asleep until about 10:30 (which would have been his normal time back at home..11:30pm) But he did sleep all night and I am guessing that he was the only one that got a good night sleep. I was very very sore when I woke up Friday morning. That bed was hard as a rock!!!

One thing that he was very disappointed about was that the hotel didn't have a pool. He loves swimming...but when there is no pool, that is kinda difficult. So we have promised him that the next time we go away that we will make sure there is a pool at the hotel.

After we woke up and went to breakfast, we went back to Uncle Bill's house. They had soo many neat things to see and do. They even had a dog!! How cool is that. His name was Kazz...and he liked to lick people. Donny got licked a few times. He thought that it was really funny. He has proceded to tell us that he wants a dog for Christmas. How funny, we go from a bowling ball to a dog. Uhmm wonder what he will get.

We were at Uncle Bill's until about 4:30 pm on Friday. We spent the day relaxing. After breakfast we did end up going to Wal-Mart. It wasn't that crazy, but crazy enough. I am glad that I didn't get up and go at 4am...that would have been even crazier. But we got some Christmas shopping done for Donny. He will like what we bought. We went back to the house and just veged. Donny took a two hour nap and I should have. But before Donny feel asleep, he played with this horse that was in the living room. He loved it. ------>

( I think that I may consider this photo for our Christmas card..what do you think?)

He even found a cute little blue chair that we are thinking of buying him for the livingroom at our house. We think that he would like his very own chair.

So, after he woke up and was around, we got going. Packed up the Tahoe and we were off. Headed back for Kalamazoo. I fell asleep on the way home, but Donny didn't. We got back into Michigan and decided that we needed something to eat. So we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. That was pretty nummy. And Donny wanted to go and look around in the shop. So we did and I bought some really cute ornaments. I can't wait to put them up.

Donny liked playing the peg game at the table while we were waiting for our food. I must admit, this little boy loves to travel and he does one awesome job when we are.

I think that our next big adventure will take us to Florida. We are trying to plan that for the spring of 2009. I can't wait to take Donny there. It is going to be soo much fun .

But we had a very relaxing Thanksgiving and we are thankful that we all got to be together. It was very nice.

Now it is time to think about our next holiday...Christmas. What a busy time of the year. Hope your holiday was great too.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Relaxing afternoon

So, I am finally able to relax.

I had school this morning and I baby-sat at Jazzercise..then it was on towards home. I am really glad that I had nothing to do today. I just don't feel good today. I have a really bad headache.

My son is sleeping and my husband is in the livingroom working on his computer. So I sit here with Wonder Pets on (that is what my son was watching and I just haven't turned it off yet) thinking about what I should do next. I think that I am going to get some mail together to get out and then I think that I will be taking a tiny nap myself.

I know later tonight we will be going out to get my husband's rental car, as he is going to Cleveland tomorrow. He will be home on Wednesday evening. That is not too bad. We will miss him though. I also would like to stop at Hallmark. I need to buy an ornament for an exchange that I am doing. SO we will see.

I guess I am off to relax now. Maybe I will have something interesting to write about later. As the brain really doesn't want to work right now.

Oh, and I will get some more pictures up too.