Wednesday, June 9, 2010

December 2009 Update

Time to start thinking about Christmas already. How is that possible? Didn't we just do this? This year was going to be fun...Donny is old enough to understand what Christmas is and old enough to really let us know what he wants in way of presents. His list included a train, cars and a Grand Trunk Railroad....that isn't too much to ask for right? My hubby hasn't been working a lot out of town, so he has been home with Donny and they have been having a blast. Playing cars and getting ready for Christmas shopping. I am still working at the daycare and loving it. Love all of the time that I get off around Christmas as well.

December also brought some fun things to us to do. One of which being Home Depot again..and we made a wagon with our group of friends from church. Donny loved the wago, he was pulling it around...even though the cord is might short. But he loves it!!! We also started going to Lowe's kids workshops. He got another apron there and they give patches that need to be sewn onto the apron and a nice certificate. He loves going to these and I believe that we will be going to them all of the time.
This month also brought out the trains at the old schoolhouse here in Vicksburg. He loved watching the train. We stopped at the school twice this month. It is very neat to see...a train set up with a town all around it. He loved it and he kept telling me he wanted one. He also wanted the street to go with it and the cars...and the buildings. I didn't think that we would be able to do all of that, but I said we'll see. =)
Can you tell that he is just as happy as can be to be watching the train? This was a Saturday that Daddy couldn't be with us, but oh man did Donny tell him all about it. It was great to see his expressions when he talked about the train. He loves them!
We were also very busy this month with church. We had the children's Christmas program and we had the Christmas cafe. Donny was in both. He did awesome and I am so happy that he is involved with the children's program at church. Now that he is old enough he is going to have a lot of fun! For the children's program, the 2's and 3's performed Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I had to actually teach Donny this song (as he had no idea what it was) and he did awesome!!! I think that he may have been the only one to do the motions!! We were so proud of him and he loved it...he didn't want to come off of the stage that night, as he kept asking when he got to go back up. He is going to be a little performer I bet..loves all of that attention for being so dog gone cute! At the Christmas Cafe, they did a song about Baby Jesus. Donny was more interested in making noise on the stage this time but he was still cute. He didn't want to hold the baby doll, as that is a girls toy...he didn't say that out loud there, but he would have at home. HaHa...but he did manage to wave at us and just be cute. He does so well with all of the kids in his class and I am so happy for that. He loves it and he talks about his friends from church quite often.

Now it is Christmas, how is it already Christmas? We just had Christmas didn't we? Well, all of the presents are wrapped and ready for the tree...we have visited Santa, so we will see how good Donny has been this year. To us, he has been awesome...he has his times, but he is 3 years old. We love him so much! He is the best thing that has happened to me and my hubby...we are so proud of him!

On Christmas Eve, he received his normal gift...a pair of new jammies from Mommy and Daddy. He loved them...he was hugging them and telling us how soft they were. He them proceeded to want to put them on, even though we were going to Bronson Park. I said ok and you will be warm. We then went to Bronson Park and walked around. Saw the nativity and everything else that is there. Even the big candy canes! When we got home, we got ready to go to bed...I think that he finally fell asleep around 11pm...he was so excited he couldn't contain himself.
So we finally got to bed and when we woke up, he was so excited to see that Santa had come and that the living room was full of presents! He was ready to get into them...we couldn't not let he started to rip them open. He got a lot of awesome toys...everything that he said he wanted that. Just to list a few things, large sidewalk chalk, a lightning mcqueen toy, movies about trains and auto b good dvd's...and the best present of all that he got was his train...Santa brought him the Pennsylavania railroad...he wanted
to open that box up right in the living room...but we couldn't let him do that. He had to learn the rules to having a train first and then he got to go downstairs to help set it up. He was so excited as you can tell in the picture of him and one of the cars from the train set. I would say that he had a great Christmas and got everything that he wanted. Now he is ready for next Christmas because he gets more presents. I said but you have a birthday coming up in May and you get presents at your birthday then he was excited for his birthday too.

Another thing that was marked this December was the passing of my has it been 10 years Daddy? I cannot believe that..10 years this month that you have been gone. I miss you more every day...I love you Daddy!

Picture's by Nicole Fall 2009

A friend of mine is wanting to go into photography and I told her that I was willing to let her photograph Donny for practice sessions. Also, with these pictures she could use them in her portfolio. She had a blast doing this and so did Donny...he was awesome!! And we got some amazing pictures. This top picture is the photo that I used for our Christmas cards this year. I cannot wait to see Nicole again and have her take some more pictures!! Especially now that it is summer time!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

November 2009 Update

November 2009

Where has the year gone? WOW....This month we started going to Home Depot on Saturday mornings. Donny loved it and was very excited that he made the item himself (with Daddy's help of course!) The first time that we went he made a is awesome and will come in handy when we have our own place someday. Along with making the project, he even got a cute little Home Depot apron to put his name and project pins on. And guess is ORANGE!!!!! And yes, we let him use the hammer, but only with our help of course. I love this picture of him though...he is like I can do this, really I can.

As the days were getting shorter, the evenings were getting cooler. We did have one evening though that was fairly warm and we decided to take a little road trip down to Centerville and to see the Covered Bridge. It is such an awesome sight in the pretty. We did stop at the Covered Bridge park and let Donny run around and throw some stones into the river. We even took Jumper with us...and he wasn't sure what to do with all of the leaves. Donny loved the leaves..kicking them and throwing them into the air. It was a great evening to be out with my boys. And yes, my son is wearing a Carhart...his Daddy bought him that jacket and HE LOVED IT!!!! The sad part is it won't fit him next fall and he will need a bigger one. And yes, mommy got a pink carhart to match!!! I love it as well.

Another road trip that we took this month was to a fun store in Benton Harbor, MI. And if you know my son at all, you know that he loves trains...and the name of the store says it all "I Love Toy Trains" store. And oh my goodness was Donny happy. He didn't want to leave the store. And he wanted to bring everything home of course, but I think that he ended up with maybe a wooden Thomas train. But Daddy and I had decided that it was time to get Donny a train of his own. And we had quite the talk with Santa about maybe bringing Donny a train for Christmas. So, we of course had to go back for a second and a third trip. But that was later on, I will get to that trip later. With this trip we went over onto the beach by the lake and it was beautiful!!! For a november day, it was awesome. There were a lot of people at the beach for a November day. Donny loved swinging on the beach and running in the sand. He was soo excited to be at the beach. A little kid after my own heart. I love the beach as well!! I told him that I couldn't wait for summer!

Over Thanksgiving we went to Chicago again. This time it was great, I was going to get to go shopping on Friday. I couldn't wait! We left Thanksgiving morning and we would be coming home on Saturday afternoon. Donny had a great time and we got to go swimming. That would be the best part for him. Other than mommy forgot to pack his swimming suit, so here we are in Chicago in November, trying to find a swimming suit. Not a great combo. But i did find a pair of Starter shorts and we got some swim diapers and he was all set to go swimming! He had his boat and was ready to go. He even got his Daddy to swim with him! That is the greatest thing to boys swimming and having a great time.
And yes, I went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. I went to Old Navy and got a bunch of stuff...and I even let my boy have a couple of items when I got back to the hotel. A train shirt and a pair of pants. I think that I may have gone to Wal-Mart and I am sure I went somewhere else, but I couldn't tell ya now where. (Wow, not good trying to write things down 7 months later). We had a great time though. And guess where we stopped on the way home...two very fun places. The bass pro shop in Indiana and we went back to the I love toy train store...and yes again, he wanted everything in the store. =)

How is it almost Christmas? I don't have any idea where this year little boy is 3 and a half...and knows everything about cars and trains. He knows things that I don't even know and always has me in awe. I love this little kid and I am happy to say that he is mine. I am happy that we have an awesome family...a family that loves us and will do anything for us. And I am also thankful that we have our Jumper...I don't know where he would be if we didn't have him...he is our puppy and we love him!