Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our garden is growing!!!

I have decided that I wanted to add to our I did today.

I went out and bought a packet of lettuce seeds. I am really hoping that they grow...would have to have fresh salad one day soon.

I will do the same thing with they start growing I will watch their growth thru pictures. I think that it is a really neat thing to do.

Also, tomorrow I am going to go to the store and buy a green pepper plant. I really like green peppers and I would love to have my own!!! So we will be planting that tomorrow.

Will have all sorts of pictures tomorrow night!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Donny's Garden

So a few weeks ago, we planted some sunflower seeds.

We are going to track there growth thru pictures. And it has only been about three weeks and they are growing like crazy!!!

The seeds that we planted are for the giant sunflowers. They can get to like 12 feet tall. How crazy is that going to be in our yard? Really crazy...
This first group of pictures is from week one. I did plant a few more seeds (I had some leftover) so those are included in this as well.
Week one

Week Two
We are getting taller and taller....all of the rain and sunshine that we have had is doing wonders on these flowers

Week three will be on Sunday. I will be out there taking pictures of them again and we will see how tall they are by then.
I know that Donny is enjoying watching them grow...and yes he picked them out himself at the store.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heading Home


April 17, 2009

Up early today...we are heading home.

It has been a great week and I am sad to be going home. But we now know that we can do these long trips. We are doing good, and Donny did great. He talks about everything that he did and how much he loved it!

We had a lot of fun...spent way too much money and we made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime.
On the way home we stopped in Kentucky at the original KFC. It was really neat as we have only drivin past it and never gone in. It is a meusum inside and everything is there that would have been there with the Col. Sanders. Very awesome to see! And the food was pretty good too.

I wanted to get a picture of Donny with Col. Sanders...and this turned out really cute. But it looks as though my son is moving away from him. He didn't understand that he was not real and that he wasn't going to get him.
On the road again. Seeing a lot of beautiful scenery. Not a terrible drive..really didn't get into any bad traffic jams this whole trip. That was kind of nice.

We got back into Michigan and stopped in Coldwater to eat at Ponderosa. That is where Donny wanted to eat. By 9:30 we were on the road towards home.
We got home around 10 pm and Donny was wide awake. Of course he had to show Grandma and Grandpa all of his new toys. I don't think that he went to sleep until after midnight.
This was a great trip and we can't wait for the next one.
We are already planning on going to Florida again in the spring and we can't wait!

Race Day


April 16, 2009

So today we are headed towards Atlanta Dragway. We decided that we would do this instead of doing something extra in Florida. It was a beautiful day and we couldn't wait. We didn't know what we were going to see, but we were ready.

We got up to a beautiful sunrise today. I couldn't help but take some pictures in front of our window of Downtown. It still amazes high we were. I love our family picture. And yes, we all wore blue that day...but not on purpose.

We got to the dragway around 11:30am or so and we were there until about 3pm. It was soooo awesome! We finally got to this track that is in the middle of nowhere and there were quite a few people there. Today was only the non-pro's racing, but we could still walk thru the pits and see all of the cars and pick up all of the free pictures. Didn't see any pros, so no autographs this time. But we have already decided that we will be going to a race in the future and hopefully seeing some of the pros. I would love to meet the John Force racing team!!!

So we get inside and it was just awesome. To see everything with your own eyes that you would usually see on tv...that was just cool. So it ended up being a really warm day and we were all in jeans. So we know better now....check the weather before you leave.

So I am a bad mom and forgot to bring the ear muffs...oh wait not really. It wasn't planned, so that is why we didn't have them. We ended up having to pay 20 bucks to get Donny some new ones, but hey he wore them and that is all that mattered...
He had just as much fun as we did...and that is pretty good for a little boy that was a month away from turning 3.

So, all in was a great day. We say a lot of cars and a lot of racing. I can't wait to go again. And I will take just as many pictures as I did this time. But hopefully I will have pictures with drivers!! I can't wait. We must start planning!

So, now we are heading north to Knoxville. I don't know about the drive, but the GPS told us it is going to take over 4 hours to get I thought that it would only be like 2 maybe 2.5 hours.
But once we got going we figured out why it was going to take so long. We were going on these two lane roads thru the mountains. Not very fun...and luckily I don't get car sick. I could have on these roads.
These scenes are what we saw a lot of. I mean it is really pretty but oh man it gets boring after awhile.

We finally got into Tennessee and we got to our hotel. It is now time to go to bed, as it has been a long day. It has been a good day, but long. We are all ready for bed. Tomorrow we head home.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Headed North


April 15, 2009

So, here we are. Heading north. I can't believe that our trip is almost over. Where did the time go? If only I hadn't gotten sick, then we would have had that one extra day. But that is ok, we have had a lot of fun. And we are going to make these last couple of days fun too.

We are heading towards Atlanta, Georgia. That is where my husband picked out a hotel with his flyer miles. The Westin, in downtown and it is like 70+ floors. And it is circular kinda crazy to think about.

But today has been good so far. As you can see I went a little nuts with the pictures. I took a lot of Donny and myself in the backseat. Just got a little bored. Finally took a picture of some palm
trees. How can you go to Florida and not get any of those? But other than that, we saw a lot of the same thing. Palm trees are a really neat sight to see.

We left our hotel around 9:30 am and we were planning on stopping just inside of Georgia. That was our plan. Well....things went really well and we only had to stop for gas and to use the restroom. Donny slept a lot and so did I. I also started the second book in the Twilight series. I read like 150 pages of it on vacation and since haven't read any of it....kinda sad.

So we had planned on stopping at Summit racing in Georigia. A very neat place. But you have to have an interest in cars and car parts. Otherwise it would be really boring to you. I loved it and so did my son. He got a new hat (for FREE). I also bought a pair of sunglasses there and he got a new pair in Florida and he finally put them on for me while on the way home. I think that he is adorable in them. They are Kung Fu Panda. I think that he just plan looks cool in them. And then you put the hat on and he jsut cracks up with it because it is just plain too big! But he loves it!

So we finally got to our hotel and it is right in the middle of downtown. Not really my favorite
part of town. Things just seem kinda creepy to me. So we got all checked in and we were
told that our bags would be right up to us in our room. And our room was number got that right we were the 16th room on the 46th floor. That is the craziest feeling ever. To go and look out the window at the whole city is amazing.

Even Donny thought that it was really high up...Can't you tell by the look on his face? I still can't believe that I got this picture. It was perfect!! Donny thought that it was neat that our whole one wall was a window. I did like that too!
I still didn't know what to think of being on the 46th floor. The elevator was sooooo fast. We went from our floor to the 5th floor really fast. My ears popped it was so fast.
We did take a walk over by the pool and it was already closed, but I am sure that if Donny wanted to have swam, he could have. But we didn't.
We did have a couple of bad experiences though. We had asked for a microwave, twice, and we never got our frozen food that we had bought for dinner...ruined. And then it took them an hour to get our luggage up to us. That is ridiculous!!! I don't think that we will ever stay there again. We will probably never stay at a Westin again! We liked our Sheraton that we stayed at on the way down...highly recommended compared to this!
So, it is off to bed that we go. We will be heading a little more north tomorrow. But we are also going to go and see some race cars. The pros...we can't wait. This is something that we didn't plan too, so that is even better!
Good night, hotlanta....