Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where did last year go??

Oh my goodness, where did the last year go? I don't believe that I missed a whole year.

We have been really busy and we have gone thru a lot. In March, my husband was let go from his job, but within 19 hours had another job lined up. So in April he started working at AST. He worked there when our son was born and I think that they were happy to have him back.

In May we started racing again. I was even going to race...but that didn't last long...I wasn't very good. But I knew with time, it would get better. I only raced three races and only had 9pts, but I had fun.

Don raced all year and finished in 3rd place again this year. My son and I didn't make it to the finals this year due to the weather, but we were able to see everything online and he was constintly calling me. He finished third place...but the last three were all from Martin. Really awesome!!! Next year we will do it!!!

Donny began Pre-school in the fall. Where has the last 4 years gone. How can my son be starting pre-school already??? He is loving it more and more. And he is learning so much. He knows a lot of bible memory verses...and he learns them on the first day of having it!!!

We spent Thanksgiving at home this was very relaxing. And a great time with my boys!!! Christmas was also spent at home and it was wonderful!! I love having family time!

For New Year's we went to a friends house and played Euchre...I think that my husband and I are hooked. It was a lot of fun!!!

My next post will have pictures from this past year...I hope that you enjoy them!