Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Night

Where did this week go? This week just flew by. Even though I really felt like I was a day behind.

I have been sick all week and I think that today and yesterday were my two worst days with it. I really don't like cold season. Especially when your cold turns into a sinus infection. I was in sooo much pain today and finally my headache is gone. That was at like 6:30 tonight. That is crazy it took all day to go away. Now I just hope that it doesn't come back.

Well, tonight I am babysitting and it is so much fun. I not only have Sam...but I have his three cousins too. Taylor, Morgan and Lauren.

We had Hungry Howies pizza for dinner and we had cookies for dessert. We then played Wii Sports. That was a lot of fun. I bowled with them...twice..the first game I had a 148 and then I figured it out and got a 173. I think that I bowl better in real life to tell you the truth. :-)

Now we are relaxing and watching Liar Liar. What a Jim Carry classic. I forgot how funny it was.

I am hoping that the snow holds off until tomorrow because I really don't want to drive home in it tonight. That is never fun. But yes, we do have a Winter Storm Warning until noon or something on SUNDAY. Snow, snow, snow. I love it and all...but I hate the cold. Today when I got out of work it was 17 degrees. And the windchill is 1 degree. I don't like that.

Alright, I am off to finish watching Liar, Liar.

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