Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!!

Well, we had a very nice Christmas....everything went very well. Donny got a lot of nice things and I must admit....Santa did a very good job on the presents that he got him. I got an exercise ball..I am sooo excited about that. I am going to start using that and hopefully get rid of this belly that I have. I would love to be back to my pre baby weight and I am going to do it!!! At least this time around. LOL... I also got some scrapbooking items. That just means that I need to get my butt in gear and get back to scrapbooking. I am a little behind, I haven't gotten past when Donny was 5 months old and he is now 2 and a half. That is a lot of pictures that need to be done.

So here are some pictures from Christmas morning:

Here is the tree after Santa had come. That is a lot of gifts, but that is also two families with gifts under that that could explain something.

Here is Donny opening his first present on Christmas morning. He just couldn't wait. He wanted to get at all of them as fast as he could. I really didn't have to help him at all unwrap any of his gifts, he acts like he has done this a time or two before....

So very excited over the wooden Thomas the Train set that we got him!!!!

Donny's second gift was a very large Mustang Shelby GT 500KR...that would be the exact car from the tv show Knight Rider...what an AWESOME Mustang!!!
As you can tell, he loved it!

My boy just being cute for me, plus he was excited about his new car!

Donny decided that he needed to put a show on for us and he took this gift bag and wrapped himself...then he proceded to sit down and then throw it off and yell peek a boo!!! It was adorable!!!!

Well, one gift that Donny asked Santa for was an orange bowling ball...well, guess what Santa has pulled thru again and Donny got an orange bowling ball. He also asked for the Handy Manny bowling set and he got that from Aunt Stacy. I didn't have the camera on him when he opened that, but it was priceless. He was jumping up and down because he got it!!!!

And the last thing that Santa brought was a lego Thomas kit. Donny loves it. And it is sooo easy to put away and be able to get it back out when he wants to play with it again.

We also got Don this..he just couldn't tell us anything that he wanted for Christmas so when Donny and I were out shopping one night we found a faceplate for his Guitar Hero guitar. It was a great deal and I just couldn't pass it up. I am glad that I bought it, he did tell me that he thought I would buy it, bit that he had no idea that it was under the tree!!! I did something that he didn't know about..that is the best present right there. But he did like it!!!

So, yes, I would have to say that this Christmas was a good one. Another neat thing that Donny got was a crayon box. Well, this was no normal crayon box, this was the crayon box that I had as a child. My mom took and repainted it and put Thomas all over it and Donny name. She also wrote a cute little poem up and put it on the bottom so that someday down that road Donny will know where his coloring box came from. It is awesome to see him with things that were mine. I love that!!

I hope that your Christmas was great too. And I hope that you enjoy everything that you got!!

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