Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve Already....where has the time gone? Crazy how time flies when you are having fun.

Tonight was our annual Bronson Park visit. A tradition that was started when I was a little kid and something that we are going to continue as a family. I love it. And this year was great because Donny loved the lights. So we were getting ready to leave and we had to take some pictures before we left. And of course we never got an open-eyed smile from Donny.

So who do you think that Donny looks like more? His Mommy or his Daddy? You be the judge....

I have always heard that he is my little twin and man do I believe it.

So we were on our way and oh man was it cold. Michigan weather is just crazy and today was one of those crazy days.
Rain one minute and then snow the next...with a lot of wind.

We finally made it down there and it is still just as pretty as I remember it. The only thing that is different is that you can't get right up next to the nativity. Way to many problems with it. But we did see it and we wished Baby Jesus a Happy Birthday!! One funny thing is that someone has put a pink hat on the angel above Jesus and Baby Jesus has two blankets on it. So someone went in and did that. We tried to get a picture of Donny by the nativity, but because it was so windy, he wouldn't look at the camera. So, maybe next year we will get that picture.

Out next stop was candy cane lane. And if it weren't for the ice on the sidewalk I think Donny would have walked down it. But with his first step, he was down. Luckily he had a lot of padding and I don't think that it really bothered him.

Out of all the pictures that we took by the candy canes, this was my favorite!! I love that we are looking at each other and laughing. It is an awesome picture. I must thank my wonderful hubby for it!! I am just glad that we got down there. This was such a special tradition to me as a child, that I want my son to know and hopefully continue the tradition someday. We have since added getting chinese food to the tradition. Seeing that that is all that is open by the time that we are on our way home. Also, Donny told us that he saw Santa fly by. I didn't even see him last night, so that is pretty good. We did tell him that he is fast and you have to watch carefully for him. I am so proud of this little boy. He amazes me more and more every day! We had some of Donny's lunch leftover from earlier and that is what he ate for his dinner.

Another tradition that we have continued on with our son, is that he gets a pair of pj's every Christmas Eve. I always got pj's and I loved being able to open that one gift before Christmas. This year he got a red pair of footed jammies from The Children's Place that had snowglobes all over it. He loved being able to open it. Then of course we had to put them on. And at first I thought that they were going to be too big, but they actually fit perfectly. And they are a size little boy is getting way too big!! They are super soft and he looks adoreable in them.

Even if he does have a crazy look on his face, he is still adorable!!!

So we had a great Christmas Eve and we are hoping for an even better Christmas. We know that we have been really good this year, so Santa should be bringing plenty of good toys for us to play with. Who knows, maybe he will even bring us something that needs to be built or needs batteries. That is always the case, but guess what...we stocked up on batteries this year, so we shouldn't have any problems with that.

So we hope that you all have a great holiday and a very Merry Christmas...we hope that you get everything that you wanted and maybe even a few surprises.


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