Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kids Say The Cutest Things!!

So this past week Donny has said some pretty funny stuff. He is just talking like crazy and he is saying things that a two year old shouldn't be saying.

Here are some of the things that he has been saying:

We are now going to Clearwater, Florida when we are on vacation. He is calling it Coldwater. So he told me that Daddy was going to Coldwater for work...I was like no Daddy is going to Spain for work and we are going to go to Clearwater for vacation...It was funny.

Then the other night we were at the mall and he told Daddy that he had found him the perfect suitcase. It was the perfect one...didn't matter that it was red, it was the perfect one.

He then told us that he needed the little suitcase for himself...and that he loved it. How cute...not cute enough though to spend $160.00 haha

On Saturday Donny told me that he wanted to call Daddy, so I said may. I gave him my phone and said push the green button and he was calling Daddy. Well he was trying to tell me that Daddy wasn't there and wanted me to take the phone. I go are you sure Daddy isn't there. He then started talking and said oh hi daddy I didn't have signal and couldn't hear you. Now that is not what a two year old should be saying...he has no idea what that

Lastly, we were in Target and he wanted to buy this car (that mommy wasn't giving in and buying, so we had a major meltdown) but he did tell me that he really loved it and that it was his most favorite in the world. Along with the michigan basketball that is in the backyard. His MOST favorite thing ever....

I am telling you...this kid cracks me up...he makes us laugh when we need a good laugh. I can't wait to see what he says this week!!!

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