Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Race Day


April 16, 2009

So today we are headed towards Atlanta Dragway. We decided that we would do this instead of doing something extra in Florida. It was a beautiful day and we couldn't wait. We didn't know what we were going to see, but we were ready.

We got up to a beautiful sunrise today. I couldn't help but take some pictures in front of our window of Downtown. It still amazes me...how high we were. I love our family picture. And yes, we all wore blue that day...but not on purpose.

We got to the dragway around 11:30am or so and we were there until about 3pm. It was soooo awesome! We finally got to this track that is in the middle of nowhere and there were quite a few people there. Today was only the non-pro's racing, but we could still walk thru the pits and see all of the cars and pick up all of the free pictures. Didn't see any pros, so no autographs this time. But we have already decided that we will be going to a race in the future and hopefully seeing some of the pros. I would love to meet the John Force racing team!!!

So we get inside and it was just awesome. To see everything with your own eyes that you would usually see on tv...that was just cool. So it ended up being a really warm day and we were all in jeans. So we know better now....check the weather before you leave.

So I am a bad mom and forgot to bring the ear muffs...oh wait not really. It wasn't planned, so that is why we didn't have them. We ended up having to pay 20 bucks to get Donny some new ones, but hey he wore them and that is all that mattered...
He had just as much fun as we did...and that is pretty good for a little boy that was a month away from turning 3.

So, all in all...it was a great day. We say a lot of cars and a lot of racing. I can't wait to go again. And I will take just as many pictures as I did this time. But hopefully I will have pictures with drivers!! I can't wait. We must start planning!

So, now we are heading north to Knoxville. I don't know about the drive, but the GPS told us it is going to take over 4 hours to get there...wow. I thought that it would only be like 2 maybe 2.5 hours.
But once we got going we figured out why it was going to take so long. We were going on these two lane roads thru the mountains. Not very fun...and luckily I don't get car sick. I could have on these roads.
These scenes are what we saw a lot of. I mean it is really pretty but oh man it gets boring after awhile.

We finally got into Tennessee and we got to our hotel. It is now time to go to bed, as it has been a long day. It has been a good day, but long. We are all ready for bed. Tomorrow we head home.

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