Saturday, June 6, 2009

Headed North


April 15, 2009

So, here we are. Heading north. I can't believe that our trip is almost over. Where did the time go? If only I hadn't gotten sick, then we would have had that one extra day. But that is ok, we have had a lot of fun. And we are going to make these last couple of days fun too.

We are heading towards Atlanta, Georgia. That is where my husband picked out a hotel with his flyer miles. The Westin, in downtown and it is like 70+ floors. And it is circular kinda crazy to think about.

But today has been good so far. As you can see I went a little nuts with the pictures. I took a lot of Donny and myself in the backseat. Just got a little bored. Finally took a picture of some palm
trees. How can you go to Florida and not get any of those? But other than that, we saw a lot of the same thing. Palm trees are a really neat sight to see.

We left our hotel around 9:30 am and we were planning on stopping just inside of Georgia. That was our plan. Well....things went really well and we only had to stop for gas and to use the restroom. Donny slept a lot and so did I. I also started the second book in the Twilight series. I read like 150 pages of it on vacation and since haven't read any of it....kinda sad.

So we had planned on stopping at Summit racing in Georigia. A very neat place. But you have to have an interest in cars and car parts. Otherwise it would be really boring to you. I loved it and so did my son. He got a new hat (for FREE). I also bought a pair of sunglasses there and he got a new pair in Florida and he finally put them on for me while on the way home. I think that he is adorable in them. They are Kung Fu Panda. I think that he just plan looks cool in them. And then you put the hat on and he jsut cracks up with it because it is just plain too big! But he loves it!

So we finally got to our hotel and it is right in the middle of downtown. Not really my favorite
part of town. Things just seem kinda creepy to me. So we got all checked in and we were
told that our bags would be right up to us in our room. And our room was number got that right we were the 16th room on the 46th floor. That is the craziest feeling ever. To go and look out the window at the whole city is amazing.

Even Donny thought that it was really high up...Can't you tell by the look on his face? I still can't believe that I got this picture. It was perfect!! Donny thought that it was neat that our whole one wall was a window. I did like that too!
I still didn't know what to think of being on the 46th floor. The elevator was sooooo fast. We went from our floor to the 5th floor really fast. My ears popped it was so fast.
We did take a walk over by the pool and it was already closed, but I am sure that if Donny wanted to have swam, he could have. But we didn't.
We did have a couple of bad experiences though. We had asked for a microwave, twice, and we never got our frozen food that we had bought for dinner...ruined. And then it took them an hour to get our luggage up to us. That is ridiculous!!! I don't think that we will ever stay there again. We will probably never stay at a Westin again! We liked our Sheraton that we stayed at on the way down...highly recommended compared to this!
So, it is off to bed that we go. We will be heading a little more north tomorrow. But we are also going to go and see some race cars. The pros...we can't wait. This is something that we didn't plan too, so that is even better!
Good night, hotlanta....

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