Monday, September 20, 2010

Monster Trucks!!!

This was a great Friday night in January. I am just happy that I was able to get over the stomach flu in time to go with my boy. We were both very excited! We have been watching monster trucks on tv, and never thought that we would actually see them in person. Before the show we were able to go out and get some pit passes for the day of the show. And Donny loved it. As you can see in this picture below, we were able to be right up close to the trucks!! And they are HUGE!!!!
We were also able to get autographs from the drivers and take pictures. Donny was usure at first, but then loved it. This is the best picture I got and he always says, "Mama, that is your favorite driver..." he drove a corvette that was turned into a monster truck. SUPER COOL!!!!!

Here is just one picture of what we saw. I mean really, I took like 100. It was sooo cool. I would love to get Donny to Ford Field would be really cool. But we saw this truck do a vertical wheelie. It was AWESOME!!!! And as you can tell in the next picture, Donny LOVED it as well!!!

Do you see this face???? You can't tell me that he didn't enjoy seeing those huge monster trucks!!

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