Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Update pt 3 & 4

The garden is doing well...you will see in these pictures that I really need to weed....

The first set of pictures is from July 14 and the second set is from July 22

Lettuce is always pictured first...it is getting there..

Next is our first area of sunflowers...they are doing alright...hope they do better soon..

Third is our green peppers...they aren't doing the greatest. But we will see what happens in about a month...

Next is our celery..surprisingly this is looking really good...we will see in a month how it is doing...

And lastly our other sunflower garden..these are doing awesome...they are HUGE!!!!

Second set of pictures: July 22, 09
Things are looking awesome, a lot better than I thought that they would be. No explanations with these as you will be able to tell what they are!!!

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